Pigment Czerwony 3

Nazwa produktuPIGMENT RED 3
SynonimyC.I.Pigment Red 3; C.I.PR3; PR3; P.R.3
Nr CAS2425-85-6
Waga molekularna307.3
Formuła molekularnaC17H13N3O3
KolorCzerwony proszek

Wzór struktury molekularnej:  

Główne zastosowanie: Paint & coating

Product Description of Pigment Red 3:

Pigment Red 3 is used for coloring of ink, paint, cultural and educational supplies.This pigment, also known as toluidine red, belongs to a variety with larger output. The dosage form with a large particle size is blue-red red. As the drying time is extended in the alkyd resin, its gloss decreases and produces haze; the smaller particle size is yellow The phenomenon of light and haze is not obvious; the light fastness is level 7 and the dilute color (1:4 TiO2) is level 4. Mainly used in air-drying paint hard PVC, seldom used in printing ink.It can be used for the coloring of ink pads, ink pencils, crayons, watercolor and oil paints, and rubber products; also suitable for the coloring of varnished cloth, paint, plastic and natural lacquer, sand pipes, arts and crafts and cosmetics