Pigment Red 210

Product NamePIGMENT RED 210
SynonymsC.I.Pigment Red 210; C.I.PR210; PR210; P.R.210
C.I. 12477
CAS NO.61932-63-6
Molecular Weight440.45
Molecular FormulaC25H22N4O4
ColorRed powder

Molecular structure formula:  

Main application: Water based ink, Offset ink, Solvent based ink, Plastic, Paint, Textile printing

We have various pigment grades and properties to meet different customers’ needs, please specify your application and requirements so that we can recommend accordingly.  E-mail: sy@sypigment.com

Product Description of Pigment Red 210:

Pigment Red 210 is a mixed crystal product of C.I. Pigment Red 170 and Pigment Red 266, which gives a bluer hue than C.I. Pigment Red 170. It is mainly used for paint, ink and watercolor coloring. In terms of application performance, the light fastness of the printed sample is 0.5-1 grade lower than CI Pigment Red 170, and the printed sample has good resistance to solvents, paraffin, soap, alkali and acid. The printing performance of the two is similar, and the heat stability is 200°C.