Pigment Red 49:2

Product NamePIGMENT RED 49:2
SynonymsC.I.Pigment Red 49:2; C.I.PR49:2, PR49:2;P.R.49:2
CAS NO.1103-39-5
Molecular Weight378.4
Molecular FormulaC20H14N2O6S
ColorRed powder

Molecular structure formula:  

Fastness Properties of Pigment Red 49:2:

Light Fastness4
Heat Resistance(℃)160
Water Resistance5
Oil Resistance3-4
Acid Resistance3-4
Alkali Resistance3
Alcohol Resistance1-2

Main application: Water based ink, Textile printing

We have various pigment grades and properties to meet different customers’ needs, please specify your application and requirements so that we can recommend accordingly.  E-mail: sy@sypigment.com

Product Description of Pigment Red 49:2:

The application performance of this pigment is similar to CI Pigment Red 49:1. Pigment Red 49:2 is a bluing red color with unsatisfactory thermal stability, which limits its application in plastics. It is mainly used for printing ink coloring, especially for publishing gravure inks. Resinized formulations can reduce its copper light phenomenon; special formulations are suitable for water-based inks; there are 28 commercial formulations.It is mainly used for the coloring of ink, paint, watercolor and oil paint, as well as paper and leather.