Pigment Yellow 1

SynonymsC.I.Pigment Yellow 1; C.I.PY1; PY1; P.Y.1
CAS NO.2512-29-0
Molecular Weight340.33
Molecular FormulaC17H16O4N4
ColorYellow powder

Molecular structure formula: 

Pigment Yellow 1

Fastness Properties of Pigment Yellow 1:

Light Fastness5-6
Heat Resistance(℃)140
Water Resistance5
Oil Resistance5
Acid Resistance4-5
Alkali Resistance4-5
Alcohol Resistance4

Main application: Paint & Coating

We have various pigment grades and properties to meet different customers’ needs, please specify your application and requirements so that we can recommend accordingly.  E-mail: sy@sypigment.com

Product Description of Pigment Yellow 1:

Pigment Yellow 1 has different particle sizes (8-30m2/g), reducing the particle size can make it more transparent; improved color strength, but reduce light and solvent resistance. The color strength is lower than that of Benzidine yellow pigment. The pigment concentration of 1/3 standard depth (SD) is 8%-11%, while CI Pigment Yellow 14 only needs 4%-6%; the light fastness is excellent at grade 5, while CI pigment Yellow 14 is only grade 3. Coarse particle products have good hiding power and are used in paints, pigment printing pastes, rubber and cultural and educational supplies; they have poor solvent resistance and migration resistance, and have a heat resistance of 140°C.

It is mainly used for the coloring of high-grade light-resistant inks for coatings, iron printing inks, plastic products, rubber and cultural and educational supplies. It can also be used for pigment printing and viscose.

TDS (Pigment Yellow 1)