Pigment Red 166

Product NamePIGMENT RED 166
SynonymsC.I.Pigment Red 166; C.I.PR166; PR166; P.R.166
CAS NO.3905-19-9
Molecular Weight794.47
Molecular FormulaC40H24Cl4N6O4
ColorRed powder

Molecular structure formula:  

Main application: Water based ink, Offset ink, Solvent based ink, Plastic, Paint, Textile printing

We have various pigment grades and properties to meet different customers’ needs, please specify your application and requirements so that we can recommend accordingly.  E-mail: sy@sypigment.com

Product Description of Pigment Red 166:

Pigment Red 166 presents a pure yellowish red color. It is mainly used for coloring plastics and printing inks. It is resistant to migration in soft PVC, has medium color strength, hiding power, good light and weather fastness; it is heat resistant in HDPE At 300°C, the transparent type has a light resistance of 8. It is also used for polyacrylonitrile, polystyrene and rubber coloring; it is also recommended for high-end industrial automotive coatings, packaging inks and metal decorative inks.